Source Resumes Simply and Reliably
Candidate Management at its core is relationship management.

Cloud Portal Integration

Parse resumes into the platform from Google Cloud, OneDrive, DropBox etc. Instantly!


Request candidate information, and keep a track of the status of application.

Auto Resume Migration

Viewed resumes will be automatically migrated to the system.

Resume Parsing

Ceipal's TalentHire lets you create applicants with a single click. Recruiters deal with hundreds of resumes everyday. Parse multiple resumes and minimize the time needed to complete this vast task into a few minutes.

Resume Wizard

Eliminate manual data entry! Just copy and paste any resume and the system will automatically pick up the applicant data.

Bulk Parsing

Have more than a few resumes to parse? Give the bulk parsing feature a shot!

Chrome Plug-in

The Chrome plug-in is a simple and easy way to capture any resume from the web and parse it into your database.

Source Tracking

Ceipal automatically tracks and lists the source of every applicant. Source data gives clear visibility into the most effective job boards and recruiters.

Enterprise Search

Getting great candidates is the single most important task in hiring. Integrated Search, Ceipal TalentHire's powerful sourcing tool provides resumes from various job boards and internal database instantly.


Targeted Sourcing

Search for talent in multiple ways, including skills, location, keywords and more. Integrated Search also supports complex boolean search queries. It is an integral part of the recruitment workflow.

Reach out to applicants, faster

Reach out to prospects with an email to their inbox directly from the platform. The system automatically scans millions of profiles and discovers the applicant's contact info.

Review Resumes and Work Experience

Integrated Search gives a full view of candidates, including work experience and education. Information is aggregated from multiple sources in real-time.

No Duplication

A single click will migrate the applicant's profile into Ceipal's database. To avoid duplication, Ceipal automatically highlights the profiles that have already been viewed/migrated by other recruiters.

Screening and Selection

From ascertaining whether the candidate is a right fit, narrowing them down, to then scheduling interviews of qualified candidates, Ceipal's TalentHire has got it all. All the vast complexities of hiring are brought down to a few clicks.

Interview Scheduling

Often considered the trickiest part of hiring, scheduling interviews with a candidate and multiple members of your team, is now easier than ever.

Manage your Calendar

Set-up calls or interviews with candidates. Ceipal automatically sends a detailed notification to the candidate and interviewers. Ceipal integrates with Emails such as Outlook and Gmail.


When hiring as a team, it's essential that candidates are assessed accurately and consistently. With Ceipal, leave Notes/Comments at every stage of the interview.

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