Online Resume Parser (CV Parsing)

A pit stop to cater to all your Hiring Needs

Avoid going through the tiresome manual data entry process and automatically parse applicant information into your applicant database in TalentHire. Not only that but also save time by viewing the important details of an applicant right on the same screen without having to open the records of the applicant.

  • Accurate and speedy resume parsing
  • Parse multiple resumes at a time
  • Simple and intuitive quick view of profiles
  • Submission of resumes without hassles
  • Share and collaborate profiles of applicants
  • Multi-layered filters for effective searching
Screening & Selection

Slim pickings now a thing of the Past

CEIPAL's TalentHire has it all. From checking the suitability of applicants, narrowing them down, to then scheduling interviews of qualified applicants while also assigning their interviewers. The complex nature of Hiring is reduced to mere clicks.

  • Schedule interviews as well as track the feedback
  • Automated interview reminders and notifications
  • Ability to capture and store feedback on the tool
  • Create customized electronic tests and assign to applicants
  • Export or import profiles to multiple formats
  • Effortless Ownership Management