Eliminate manual, Enter digital.
Electronic Document Management


A digital signature, on a secure portal to complete the authentication process of the candidate.

Custom eForms

Upload custom forms and define and populate fields on the form automatically.


Create a check-list of documents to be submitted and ensure compliance and, save time, everytime.

Digital Documents & eSignatures

Eliminate manual data entry and frustrating paper documents while providing a great candidate experience. Create or upload custom forms, define fields and populate the fields automatically with job and candidate data.

Digital Drift

Convert customary documents and files like offer letters and joining formality forms from PDF and DOC formats to more comprehensive e-documents.

Custom Forms

Custom forms are e-documents that follow the company's norms and designed per the company's standards.

Digital Signature

Eliminate paper, manual data entry and signatures. Provide an excellent candidate experience with a secure portal to complete and sign documents.

Design Forms

Design the e-documents, create place holders for required information and drag and drop HTML elements on them.

Centralized eBoarding

Centralize all of the steps in the onboarding process through a secure online portal. This allows anyone in your firm with access to see exactly where a new hire is in the onboarding process. By tracking the progress of each placement's documents online, you can receive quick notifications about outstanding paperwork and easily send electronic reminders to candidates.


Great Company Experience

For staffing firms, having a multitude of customers comes with its own unique challenges. Individual Companies may require custom offer letters, state-specific paperwork, forms for different office locations, and more. Electronically create and deliver any document at any time.

Map Data Fields

By mapping any of the data fields in the system to your documents for automatic data entry, you will save time for both you and your candidates. Create new hire paperwork on-demand and effectively shorten the time between placement and onboarding.

Easy Verification

Verifying eligibility for employment is required by the government, and it is a burden that many firms carry. Leverage E-Verify to quickly confirm that your candidate is eligible for U.S. employment. Be confident that your firm is in compliance with local laws. Additionally, you can securely store your candidates' eligibility information for easy access and auditing.

Custom Process

The hiring process of every company differs from each other. By using Talenthire eBoarding you are entitled to customize the attributes of the procedure as per your needs.


Once an applicant is selected the onboarding process starts with the joining of the applicant.

Initiate Onboarding

The process begins by sending customary forms and documents so that the applicant reciprocates by accepting the offer and sending required documents.


Emergency joining or disqualification based on relevant reasons like inappropriate and unauthentic documents will get automatically updated on the applicants profile.


A reminder is always at alert to notify deliveries and receipts of required forms and e-documents.

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