e-Docs & SignTechs- Documents & Digital Signature

Sign & scan is obsolete. eSign is the new drift!

The age-old method of onboarding a new hire is replaced with eBoarding, taking it to a whole new level of easy, electronic and clutter-free proced. Whether it's the submission of documents or signing on one, eBoarding is all set to make it a piece of cake. Explained below is why eBoarding makes so much sense.

  • Converting customary documents and files like offer letters and joining formality forms from PDF and DOC formats to more comprehensive e-documents.
  • Designing the e-documents, creating place holders for required information and dragging and dropping HTML elements on them.
  • Custom forms are e-documents that have the company's norms and designed as per the company's likes.
  • Templates for forms and documents to save on both time and efforts.
  • The more authentic and secured e-Signature or digital signature is one of the most desirable features that will no longer need you to take print-outs of forms or letters, sign manually and scan them back to the hiring company.
Create and Custom Portals- Customizable Portals

Have your new hire know you better!

Every company has its own mission vision and values, expecting a new hire to want to know his new job, his new company and work place, even before he sets a foot in the premises, is not too much to ask for. Let your portal reflect your values and what you believe in, for you can customize it according to your like. What will help your company to be more desired by the new joinee, are as follows

  • The portal is custom-made for the hiring company's use, and is a great tool that can reflect and enhance its brand image.
  • The centralized portal carries all the necessary forms and documents to be filled and signed by the new hire, steering clear of repetitive tasks.
  • Backgrounds and banners are adaptive to changes making the portal more desirable and user-friendly.
  • Our sample themes are made-to-order specific keeping in mind what the company is looking for.
Your organization, your hiring process-Customizable Hiring Process

'Your way-better way' Hiring process

First things first! Since customizable, you can always change it to 'My way-better way'. The hiring process of every company differs from each other. By using Talenthire eBoarding you are entitled to customize the attributes of the procedure as per your like and need. The below mentioned features will help you to understand it better

  • Once an applicant is selected the onboarding process starts with the joining of the applicant.
  • Initiate onboarding starts the process by sending customary forms and documents so that the applicant reciprocates by accepting the offer and sending required documents.
  • A reminder is always at alert to notify deliveries and receipts of required forms and e-documents.
  • Emergency joining or disqualification based on relevant reasons like inappropriate and unauthentic documents will get automatically updated on the applicants profile.
  • Monitoring individual recruiter's performance will be easy when you have numbers and figures in place.