Integrated Job Boards

One Click Job Posting Across Multiple Job Boards

CEIPAL's TalentHire comes integrated with the leading job boards on the market. Your recruiting teams can publish job vacancies on a multitude of job boards at the same time with a single click.

  • Integrated with all major Job Boards
  • Publish jobs across multiple boards at the same time
  • Saving time and resources enables you to post more jobs
  • Set auto posting or removal of Jobs from boards
  • Out of the box career portal Integration
Social Media Integration

Corporate Branding Accomplished with a Single Click

Not only can you take advantage of multiple Job Boards; TalentHire also comes integrated with a whopping 250+ social media sites. To propagate and build up your corporate brand; social media can serve as the perfect medium.

  • More than 250+ social websites to publish jobs into
  • Builds up the brand image while posting jobs
  • Set and use custom company logos while publishing
  • Publish to multiple websites with a single click
Microsoft Outlook Integration

Now an ATS Plug-in for Business' Favorite Mailbox

Convenience is a priority! Now have the core competencies of an ATS available from your Microsoft Outlook Account. Have resumes sitting in your inbox? Simply parse resumes using our plug-in directly from your Outlook account into TalentHire. It is that simple!

  • Makes your recruitment process that much easier
  • Parse resume directly from outlook with a click
  • Create and post Jobs in TalentHire from Outlook
  • Submit Hotlist from Outlook to fetch data from TalentHire
VMS Integration

The faithful, fast and flexible solution for an error-free business

Efficiency and functionality go hand in hand. Talenthire's recruiters have always been efficient and result-oriented, what helps them score a hundred is the integration with VMS platforms like Fieldglass. The integration has automated the workflow to an extent where jobs posted on the VMS platform reflect simultaneously on Talenthire. Few attention grabbing features are as follows

  • A one-time configuration set up is all that you need for creating a job, and you will be good to go on for the following times.
  • A soon as a job is posted on the VMS platform the same reflects on Talenthire. This saves your time that you otherwise invest in copy-pasting information from the VMS to Talenthire.
  • You will not need to login separately on both the channels as the requisite will be posted on the VMS and at the same time on Talenthire.
  • There is no interruption in the recruiting workflow as no prior permission is required to access the VMS, reducing dependencies.
Cloud Storage Integration

The super-stores of resumes, integrated

To create a full-fledged database of resumes and CVs recruiters often look for an option that will let them obtain resumes from a particular place. The Cloud Storage on Talenthire is integrated with storehouses like One Drive, Box and Drop Box etc. so that when a recruiter wants to retrieve a resume from one of these, he/she can directly choose an option. This will parse the resume to a desired profile. The features are as follows

  • One time set-up required so that you don't have to login differently on another tab.
  • The tool is accessible from anywhere, you just have to select an option to fetch the resumes from.
  • The resumes obtained from any of these drives will directly get parsed into detailed and relevant profiles.
  • Less time consuming in comparison to other ways since everything is on the same page.
SMS Integration

Stay connected with Ceipal TalentHire's SMS Integration.

Contacting clients/vendors/recruiters can take up significant amounts of time, especially when they are offline. Now send SMS messages directly from the tool! Integrate your account with Ceipal Talenthire to reach out to clients/vendors/candidates, all from the tool! 

  • Seamlessly integrate your twilion account with Talenthire
  • Send SMS directly from the tool
VOIP Integration

Now make calls from your favorite ATS!

Not everything can be shared on emails and text messages. Voice, adds the human touch to recruiting with technology. With Ceipal Talenthire's VOIP integration, make calls to clients/vendors/recruiters directly from the tool.

  • Integrate your VOIP Office account to seamlessly make voice calls
  • Seamlessly Integrate your VITEL voip account with Talenthire
Report Center

Keep an eye on all specs all at once.

With Ceipal Talenthire's intuitive UI, gain access to all insights, from metrics to analytics, all at one place - The Reports Center. This integration is aimed to give quick and accurate insights in a structured and detailed format to increase efficiency.

  • Track and Monitor individual reports
  • Quick view of statistics
  • Record and compare trends
  • Export generated reports into multiple formats