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VMS Integration

Jobs posted on VMS portals will automatically migrate to Ceipal in real-time.

Job Board Distribution

Publish jobs to Job Boards with a one-time configuration on Ceipal.

Mass Emails

Send mass emails to a large number of potential candidates at the click of a button.

Unleash the power of VMS Integrations

The ecosystem of Ceipal is designed to take VMS integrations to a whole new level. The system flags and also automatically posts the jobs to multiple job-boards. Additionally, timesheets entries are also seamlessly integrated into the platform.


Real-time Job postings from VMS to CEIPAL

Jobs/Requirements flow into Ceipal in real-time. Additionally, all future updates/jobs sail into the system automatically from over 10+ VMS portals that Ceipal is integrated with.

No-Touch Job Posting from VMS to Job Portals

Distribute jobs to Job boards automatically. Enable the publishing of jobs the moment they arrive from the VMS portals.

Full Visibility

Executives can easily determine which requisitions generate the highest ROI and have confidence that their data is accurate and updated.

Job Postings

Post jobs online to dozens of free job boards, paid job boards and social media channels. Source a bigger and better pool of qualified candidates and manage your talent pool efficiently. Post once and publish everywhere.

Auto Publish Jobs

The moment a job requirement comes in, automatically post jobs to dozens of Job boards and social media sites from various sources such as VMS etc.

Career Portal Integration

Automatically publish jobs onto your 'Careers' page and convert your website traffic into a potential talent pool.

Social Media Integration

Reach out to potential candidates on over 250+ social media sites! Take your employer brand to the next level!

Decrease processing time from hours to seconds

Get recruiters, account managers, and admins back to the critical work of placing talent, supporting companies, and driving revenue while Ceipal does the rest.

Job Boards Distribution

We believe that job posting should be hassle-free, and that your limited time should be valued. Rather than manually logging into each and every job board and posting your job and then doing this over and over again to edit your postings and measure results, you can post to the leading job boards and job sites all at one time.

Free job posting to multiple job boards

Post free jobs to LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Google, ZipRecruiter, LiveCareer & more in a snap. We make free job posting super easy! First create a free job posting, and then promote your job on sites of your choice to expedite your hiring.

Job Boards

The amount of time a recruitment professional spends posting jobs to various sources can be unwieldy. Get time back in your day with Broadbean Job Distribution, an easy-to-use tool which distributes your open positions to relevant job sites and social media channels in three simple steps.

Mass Emails

Send unlimited personalized mass emails to groups of candidates or contacts. Track statistics like opens etc. Create custom templates for future use and collaborate with team members.

Unlimited Emails

Ceipal TalentHire's mass emailing feature allows you to easily schedule, send out mass emails and mail merge campaigns and more!

Email Clean-up

After all the effort of setting up mass emails and executing, the last thing you'd want is for your emails to hit the spam folder. The easiest way to ensure your emails reach your prospects' inbox is to use email cleanup feature by Ceipal.

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