Ceipal Leads for Staffing & Recruiting
Strengthen Your Relationships with Companies and Prospects

Lead Generation

Ceipal's Leads module is a full fledged CRM, helping you generate leads!

Lead Tracking

Ceipal tracks all your email communication against candidate and Company records so that you never miss a conversation.

Lead Conversion

Turn every customer touch-point into an opportunity to connect and strengthen your relationships.

Relationship Management

Many recruitment CRM systems are just glorified databases, reducing complex relationships into simple records. Ceipal TalentHire's Leads module, however, is a relationship management platform.

Create Leads

Create and update leads easily. Capture information from email and other sources on the Web.

Leads Management

Manage existing and prospective company relationships and configure your sales process to be highly efficient

Streamline your sales process

Ceipal TalentHire centralizes multiple prospect communication streams, giving you a holistic view of how your relationship has progressed and where it's headed.


You can't manage what you can't measure, and the leads modules' reports help business leaders measure what's working and identify problems before they lose revenue.

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