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Vendor Management

Create and manage information pertinent to vendors in one place.

Company Management

Create and manage information pertinent to companies in one place.

Mobile Marketplace

Company and vendor information in your hand, anytime, anywhere.

Vendor Management

Ceipal's TalentHire lets you manage details pertinent to vendors in one module. Create and manage vendors and their information in one centralized place. Also, keep a track of vendor activity from this portal.

Vendor Groups

Group similar vendors together and share your hotlists with them instantly! Do not waste time searching and sending manually. Ceipal's TalentHire also allows you to group multiple vendor groups for convenience. Decrease time and increase efficiency by creating vendor groups.

Save Time

After creating a company group or grouping several similar company groups, you can share your hotlist with multiple vendors/vendor groups directly from Ceipal's TalentHire. Additionally, you can also keep track of all email activities in the tool. TalentHire allows you to save time, manage your vendor information and communication better.

Company Management

With Ceipal's TalentHire, manage company information in a single module. Create new companies, manage their information and send them emails all from TalentHire, you never have to leave our platform! Additionally, TalentHire tracks all activity of companies which can be accessed here.


One Stop Solution

Be it the address of the company, bill rate, payment terms or point of contact details and guidelines, maintain details pertinent to companies in a single module. Also, create multiple points of contact for a company

Company Groups

Group multiple similar companies together and make submissions to them instantly, directly from TalentHire! Ceipal's TalentHire also allows you to group multiple company groups for sharing submissions almost immediately.

Custom Templates

When all your ies are not similar, why should your submission formats or job posts be different? You can create custom templates per the requirements of a particular company. Ceipal's TalentHire allows you to create standard templates for recurring vacancies, so no more redundancy!.

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