Characteristic Database
Placement Management simpler and better

Record - Keeping

A complete record of everyone who has been placed, and their entire assessment history.

Powerful search and filters

Use keyword searches across the database, from resumes to emails and documents – including PDFs.

Placement Dashboards

Tie up all loose ends into one detailed, intuitive revenue report.

Placement Data

Once a candidate gets enlisted under placements, all the available details of the candidate are recorded automatically. Also you can customize and create Benefit Profiles for placed candidates as per organizational policies.

Candidate Profile

Everything you want to know about your candidate – from team notes to social accounts – can be displayed in one clean, actionable view.

Candidate Management

Automatically record all metrics such as job, start date, end date, billing terms, nationality details etc.

Placement Records

Know the in and outs of the candidate. Record all placement details such as education, skills, previous work experience etc.


Set custom reminders for placements. Schedule project start and end dates to help recruiters proactively search for openings.

Placements Dashboard

Automatically generate comprehensive reports of multiple metrics, driving revenue by the placement of candidates. Record duration and pay grade of a placement, total revenues earned by that particular placement etc.



Automated reports can show Net Profit as well as total revenues earned. Track Net Profit Margin over each placement.

Placement Notes

Get actionable insight into every facet of the candidate's journey. Effectively compare candidate ratings in a clean, apples-to-apples comparison dashboard - at every stage.

Payment Summary

With a single view, get actionable insights into Client Salary, Consultant Salary, gross margin, net margin etc.

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