Placement Results

Catch all the Strings attached to Placements by the Threads

Be it in terms of duration or pay grade, once a candidate gets enlisted under placements, all the available details of the candidate can be recorded without any hassles at the same place. Also, you can customize and create Benefit Profiles for placed candidates as per the policies of your organization.

  • Detailed reports of placed candidates
  • Automated reports on profits generated by a placement
  • Track and monitor total number of placements
  • Create customized 'Benefit Profiles' as per policies
  • Set different criteria for different 'Benefit Profiles'
Placements Dashboard

Tying up loose ends into one comprehensive revenue report

This intuitive dashboard comes up as soon as you click on the "placements" tab in CEIPAL TalentHire. Management in your organization can get a comprehensive overview of the revenues being generated by the placements of candidates.

  • Record duration and pay grade of a placement
  • Automated reports showcasing Net Profit
  • Generate reports depicting total revenues earned
  • Track Net Profit Margin over each placement
  • Set restrictions over access to reports generated