Managing the Talent

Less time on the bench yields greater returns

With TalentHire, companies can effectively monitor the status and profiles of candidates on the 'bench' all in the same place. Candidates are grouped into an 'active' or 'inactive' status dependent on availability and eligibility to accept a position.

  • Publish a 'Hotlist' to vendors and contacts
  • Capture all the bench submissions
  • Market the bench profiles with a few clicks
  • Quick view of the bench statistics
  • Customizable and configurable bench workflows
  • Monitor and track the status of bench submissions
Bench Analytics

Always be in the Loop

This feature allows you to monitor the overall management of bench candidates. Get detailed reports as well as overview analytics to measure performance.

  • Measure the performance of sales teams
  • Generate comprehensive reports
  • Export reports into multiple formats
  • Visually interactive charts and graphs
  • Evaluate the performance of consultants